Handling Your Growth

Re-Secured Traditional Financing

SERVICE: CFO Services, Executive Mentorship, Capital Advisory

Too much growth sounds like a good problem to have.  But success can bring its own challenges, some of them serious. The Live CFO can help.

When this medium-sized media publisher was introduced to the Live CFO, they were at a crossroads. Having evolved rapidly, many of the processes and procedures the client used were required to update and reconsider. As a result of expansion, the company suffered from deteriorating profitability and cash flow.

Live CFO has been able to use its considerable expertise and resources to assist this process. Live CFO provided management with a blueprint for managing the company’s development while providing the tools required for the client to evaluate and review new analyzes and processes, including new budgeting and day-to-day operations.

Live CFO was also able to develop new banking relationships with the client and assist in the acquisition of non-traditional interim financing that enhanced the financial flexibility of the client during its growth process. When stable, Live CFO was able to promote conventional consumer financing.

Live CFO advised financial and operational reporting tools to enhance key business indicators for clients, including the weekly cash flow projected to better forecast capital needs.

Live CFO has also been able to assist Executive Mentoring, allowing many of the main clients to expand into new positions as the client’s day-to-day operations have expanded dramatically. This included the development of flash financials to allow management to evaluate financial results rapidly and precisely within 5 business days of the end of the month. With timely and reliable information, management has been better able to guide business growth.

Live CFO was able to assist the client with the purchase of a rival that expanded the size of the client by 17 per cent. Live CFO assisted with the financial modeling, due diligence, and funding components of the acquisition and helped the client to close the deal rapidly and efficiently.

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