Startup & Venture Companies

Incorporation & Registration

Identifying the best corporate structure that will be the most beneficial for a startup is one of the struggles they face.

We here at The Live CFO can not only advise you with a proper structure that fits your needs, but can also help you incorporate the structure. We even take it one step further by assisting you in all the other necessary government registrations including GST/HST, payroll, WSIB and more.

Business Plans

Not every enterprising entrepreneur has a background in accounting and finance. This can make funding start-ups and getting off the ground a needlessly challenging task.

With The Live CFO, our experienced CPA’s bring in sophisticated solutions integrated with the latest software on offer, along with years of expertise, built on dealing with these very which help start-ups deal with their core activities (such as selling products, obtaining loans, purchasing assets etc.) with minimum hassle, while providing a clear and detailed financial picture to business partners and investors alike.

Financing Solutions

Accounting isn’t just about crunching the numbers (at least, that’s not how we see it!).

Our team at The Live CFO prioritizes the provision of value-added services that are crucial to ensure that you’re able to navigate the inevitable obstacles that every business owner faces.

From helping you to quantify your needs to articulating the purpose behind financing and structure it accordingly, from analyzing your financing options to supporting your planned structure, we’re more than ready to give you a hand (or two!).

Cloud Accounting Services

When you partner with The Live CFO, our accountants study your business in-depth, to understand what you are really expecting from your reports.

They then make careful selections from a range of cloud software and apps and curate a solution that optimizes reporting for your business like never before.

What’s more, as these services are made available to you online, it means we’re always on hand to help you scale your business, whenever, wherever.

Payroll Management

As the world moves everything into the cloud, we aren’t getting caught behind – in fact, we’re staying a few steps in front.

Our services provide you with features and integrations that enable you to take your payroll to the cloud. Based on your employment contracts and reporting systems used by your team, we identify the payroll service that can be integrated seamlessly into your organization, while providing you with easy and efficient control mechanisms to ensure that everything you need is just a few clicks away.