Why The Live CFO

We at The Live CFO thrive to become the premier virtual accounting and financial service to organizations across North America, providing disruptive technological solutions and globalized human resources. 

Our mission is to be renowned as a reliable business partner who builds sustainable partnerships, leading to a higher business valuation through our in-depth knowledge and unparalleled quality of service.

Our Key Offerings

In a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous financial climate where businesses find it hard to sustain themselves, especially with profit biting overheads, we want your business to be a game changer instead of a mere statistic.

Curated Service with Insights

The Live CFO takes a collaborative approach to assisting you in understanding and finding the right tools and applications for your business. Our experts analyze your data, turning it into meaningful information with prompt feedback on how your business is performing, potential savings and other crucial insights you need to drive your business growth.

Value for Money

Here at The Live CFO, we understand the value of every single cent you invest in your business. Our services are designed to save you anywhere from 30% - 60% in operational costs, compared to an in-house back office.

CEO’s Right Hand

Our handpicked team consists of renowned experts that have handled accounts for multiple industries. The team works actively to share coherent values and ideas while providing alternatives to hard pressing solutions.

Disciplined Operator

The Live CFO adheres to strict discipline and provides periodic reports, develops KPIs and further assists in the training and scaling of staff to revised systems.

Unlimited Support

Our team is always available and eager to assist your business personnel with any pressing issues or concerns that may arise.

No Hidden Charges

When you partner with The Live CFO, you will be provided with an upfront, flat monthly price, based purely on the services you require – absolutely no hidden fees, or hourly charges, we promise!

100% Online

Our services are fully virtual and are conducted on cloud-based platforms to provide you with a cutting-edge service that sets you above the competition. Where others have failed to take advantage of the technology on offer, we ensure that you remain relevant, while providing you with easy accessibility to your data, no matter where you are.