Choose Integrity Our Team

The x-factor behind the success of The Live CFO lies undoubtedly in our carefully handpicked team of certified accountants and business professionals. We understand the enormous responsibility that we undertake when our clients entrust their accounting and financial management with The Live CFO.

This is why our senior team comprises of accountants (many of whom are CPAs, CAs or CMAs, with accounting or finance degrees) who have years of experience in both public and private sector accounting, as well as in advisory and tax.

Each of our accountants also works with a team of capable technicians who are always on-hand to support each of our clients’ unique needs. Furthermore, our entire staff is well-versed, certified, and experienced in the use of accounting solutions, including QuickBooks, XERO, SAP, Oracle and SAGE, among others.

Our work model is truly unique – our team works remotely, often from their homes, across many different states. This allows us to prioritize maintaining smooth channels of communication, while continuously engaging with our clients, and being on hand to address customer concerns, providing direct, detailed, and timely answers to any questions that may arise.

The Live CFO is built on technology, with modern, cloud-based accounting solutions as our base. When it comes to modernizing your accounting processes and saving costs through outsourcing back-office work, we guarantee that we’ve got the right people on the job and the right mix of human expertise and intuitive technology to help grow your business.