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Why choose The Live CFO?

We understand that every account is unique, with versatile requirements. Hence, we offer customized services that aim at maximizing the tax return benefits seamlessly. The new normal is quite unstable for businesses. Investments are riskier than ever. So, we take appropriate actions to keep your business successful despite all the mess.

Professional Accounting

Enjoy the benefits of having a clean record of all your transactions with access to our expert accountants. Gain more control over return claims and ease the income tax filing process for years to come.

Expert Consultations

Figure out the best practices to follow throughout the year that help you save money. Our services include expert analyses and custom recommendations to optimize your savings when filing for taxes.

Quick and Agile

Work with a team of professionals who understand and respect your time. We take special care to never incur any delays in the process. Thus, helping you file taxes at the right time with zero errors.

What do we do?

Offering more than just advice.

Tax Planning

Plan for your taxes by closely working with our income tax consultant in Toronto. They help you figure out the best course of action to reduce the overall tax amount and also uncover new opportunities for return claims.

Tax Reporting and Advisory

Reduce the workload of tax compliance with our help. Our experienced personnel specialize in creating custom strategies that enhance your tax filing experience. Bundled with our tax accounting, you get the most beneficial reporting solution.

Corporate Tax Filing

File the taxes at the right time for your business and reduce the chances of error. Our expert team works tirelessly with your internal team to keep everything in check. We rectify all the account issues and streamline your accounts for smooth tax filing.

Steps to get rid of tax worries

The Live CFO understands that the tax season can be hectic if not planned ahead. Therefore, we blend our accounting services with tax consultancy. Put aside the worries of the tax season with these simple steps.

Get in Touch

One call is all it takes to partner with us on a journey to make tax filing more efficient. Our experts will get back to you at the earliest about the available packages for you.

Tell us about yourself

Provide us with more information on your account. We protect your data with expert security protocols and restricted access. Hence, you can trust us to provide your information.

Expert analysis

Careful examination of all your accounts takes place, with special attention to detail. An analysis reveals the areas where you can adopt newer methods to minimize future taxes.

Custom solutions

By using expert knowledge and advanced technological tools, we create strategies that aim at solving your issues with tax filing. Which even makes future processes more efficient.


Record everything that helps you optimize tax returns. We provide an income tax agent in Toronto to help you with the process and create a list of best practices to reduce tax amounts for the upcoming years.

Get an income tax service that reflects your goals

The Live CFO doesn’t push you to follow a generic path. Instead, we prioritize creating custom-tailored solutions and advice to help you have more control over your taxes. If you have any doubts or issues with your tax filing, you know whom to call!

Want to find out various tax return claims you are missing out on?

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We provide unique perspectives and simple insights that inspire action.
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