Digital Solution

Digital Transformation

A key component of innovation in Business Technology is the introduction and development of Management Information Systems (MIS). We incorporate these systems into your infrastructure in order to obtain data from various sources and allow information to be summarized information can be summarized and displayed through various dashboards for decision making.

Robotic Process Automation

Today, automation is fast becoming the norm, as accessibility to technology increases – even for the average business. The Live CFO can assist you in studying and process-mapping your operational tasks with the aim of identifying redundant tasks and streamlining processes.

Once the identification is complete, a host of machine learning algorithms can be integrated into the system, increasing efficiency by reducing or eliminating repetitive tasks.

Technological Transformation

In the digital age, organizations are under tremendous pressure to modify existing business processes and customer experiences to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

We prioritize ‘usability’ and ‘user experience’ in our work by implementing integrated Enterprise Requisition and Planning (ERP) systems that don’t just provide a holistic view of your organization but also present information in a modern, intuitive, user-friendly manner.

Operational Transformation

From strategy to execution, The Live CFO can help you reduce costs and increase revenues by aligning your people, processes and technology across different functions and departments.

By implementing time studies, and mapping your workflow, we’re able to prioritize the operational functions that can be automated (in larger organizations, the most popular areas of improvement include inventory management, supply chain management and human resources management).

When you partner with us, you will get in-depth insights into your organization and invaluable information to help you make the best choices for your business growth.