Go Virtual

Integrating your Virtual Solution – The Integration of The Live CFO into your business is a seamlessly smooth transition. Our 3-stage on-boarding process is carefully designed to enable our team to fully understand your business and business objectives.

For The Live CFO, you are not ‘just another client’. That’s why we go above and beyond from the word go, refusing to limit ourselves to just your accounting and financial requirements, and instead, providing you with a host of value-added services and expert advice, giving you the support you need and deserve to take your business performance up a notch (or two).

Stage 1 - Discovery Meeting
  • Introductory video or phone call
  • Identifying needs, expectations, and current operations
  • Developing a basic timeline
  • Evaluating project costs
Stage 2 - Project Evaluation
  • Mapping current operations
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Task automation suggestions
  • Discussing outsourcing opportunities
  • Evaluating cost savings
  • Creating project plan with costs and timeline
Stage 3 – Partnership Agreement and Onboarding
  • Drawing up draft agreements
  • Introduction of teams
  • Reviewing and documenting the process
  • Defining Responsibilities
  • Identifying KPIs
  • Commencement of services

Let’s Go Virtual

The Live CFO is more than just a hi-tech accounting firm. We’re loyal business partners committed to your success.